Book Review

A 1,000-word book review along with serving as the class expert on one week's readings.

Informational Resource

Sarton, George. "Second Preface to Volume 41 of Isis: Notes on the Reviewing of Learned Books." Isis 41, no 2 (July 1, 1950): 149-158. 

Sample Book Review

Jackson, Myles W. "Labor, Skills, and Practices in the Scientific Enterprise: Recent Works in the Cultural History of Science." The Journal of Modern History 71, no. 4 (1999): 902-13.

Final Essay

A final review essay of 5,000 words. The final essay should develop a theme in the historiography of science (e.g. the role of the laboratory), using at least two of the readings in the course plus supplemental texts. This essay will be graded on the quality of argumentation, not on comprehensiveness!