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MIT Deepwater Archaeology Research Group

Week 2

Marine and Nautical Archaeology: Method and Theory

Week 3

Deep Ocean Robotics: Vehicles, Sensors and Modeling


Sub-bottom Profiler

Precision Navigation


Skerki 1997, Monitor 2001, Monitor 2003 (EXACT), Defence 2000 (SHARPS).

Week 4

Seafaring and the Ancient Mediterranean, Overview

Skerki Bank 1997

Ashkelon 1999

Black Sea 2000

Ashkelon 2003

Black Sea 2003

Week 5

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


Week 6

Trade in the Bronze Age - Eastern Mediterranean

INA Projects Web-site (click on "Virtual Museum")

Week 7

The Minoan World

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean

Week 12

Skerki Bank, Mediterranean Sea (Guest: Anna Marguerite McCann)

Skerki Bank

Week 13

Cultural Resource Management of Submerged Sites: Ethics, Legislation and Conservation

Submerged Resources Center (NPS/Dept Interior)

"Submerged Cultural Resources Study: USS Arizona" by D. H. Lenihan (1989)

Conservation and Management of Cult

MIT WORLD video, "Civil War High Tech"