1 Course Introduction and Competitive Structure of Telecoms Industry: The Effect of Convergence
2 What Caused the Telecom Crash? Is there Light at the End of the Tunnel?
3 The Economics of Networks and Regulation
4 Regulation, Deregulation and the Telecom Act of 1996
5 Competition in Local Service

Wireline + Wireless. Will Cellular Replace Residential Wireline Service?
6 Competition for Residential Local and Long Distance
7 Competition in Mobile & Wireless Communications

Competition for Standards and Coverage
8 Future Wireless Technology

Speaker: Dick Lynch, CTO, Verizon Wireless
9 The Direction of Future Competition

Full Service Operators (any-distance service, wireline/wireless, voice, Internet access). Integration of Voice, Data, and Wireless Networks.
10 Competition in Wireless – Winning Strategies

Scott Wiener, Nextel VP
Brian Toll, 15.020 alum and Nextel Manager, Strategic Pricing & Analysis
11 Internet Commerce in an Wireless World

Speaker: Hoss Mohsenzadeh, Aliaswire Inc.
12 Entrepreneurs in Telecommunications

Speaker: Carl Stjernfeldt, Battery Ventures
13 Competition in an Industry where the Service Look to be Increasingly like a Commodity with Little Differentiation

Speaker: Carlos Lopez-Abadia, Qwest CIO
14 Are Spectrum Auctions a Good Idea?
15 Future Competition in Telecommunications
16 Global Competition: Will Anyone Ever Make Money in China?

Speakers: You! Class members from around the world describe competition in their home markets.
17 Mobile Handset Market Value Chain
18 Will Telecom and IT be a Growing Industry or like a "Water Utility?"
19 Student Presentations
20 Student Presentations
21 Student Presentations

Course Evaluations
22 Last Day of Class