Lecture Notes

The following set of lecture notes is from the Spring 2003 semester. Some of the topics, and the order in which they are presented, will vary from the Spring 2005 calendar.

1 Some First Puzzles (PDF)
2 Occupational Change in the Economy (PDF)
3 Technology, Skill, Substitution, and Complementarity (PDF)
4 Cognition I: Perceiving What Task is to be Done (PDF)
5 IT and Tasks: Rules Based Applications (PDF)
6 Expert Systems, Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, and Machine Vision (PDF)
7 IT and the Reorganization of Work (PDF)
8 What People Get Paid For: Expert Thinking and Complex Communication (PDF)
9 IT and Markets (PDF)
10 IT and Productivity (PDF)
11 Can Computers Substitute for Teachers? (PDF)