Part I: Observing the City
1 Introduction

Course Structure and Objectives
Warm-up Exercise, Short Walk
'Reading' the City
Assignment 1 handed out
2 Walk - East Cambridge/Kendall

Observations About How People Use Space
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
3 A Methodology For Physical Analysis

Land Uses
Blocks and Parcels
Open Spaces, Edges/Entries
Building Types
Architectural Implications
4 Walk - South End/Back Bay

Students Take Notes and Diagrams
5 Freehand Sketching and Drawing Types I

Techniques for Sketching in Pencil and Pen/Ink
6 Walk - Fens/Muddy River

Observations About Natural Context/Open Space
Observations About Physical and Natural Spaces
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
Assignment 1a: Observing Behavior (Subjective Reading) due
Part II: Interpreting the City
7 Freehand Sketching and Drawing Types II

Showing Materials (Conventions) on Drawings
Line Types
Scanning Sketches and Labeling by Computer
Hand Lettering
8 In Class Presentation (Assignment 1 - Part A and B)

What characteristics of physical space do you think impact the way people use it?
What characteristics are not related to physical space?

Assignment 1b: Physical Environment (Objective Reading) due

Assignment 2 handed out

9 Rendering By Hand

Colored Pencils and Markers
Land Use Colors
Hue, Saturation and Value
Primary, Secondary, Complimentary, Analogous and Neutral Colors, Color Interaction and Color Harmony
Rendering Trees
Shade and Shadows (Plan and Elevation)
10 Walk - Alewife

Bringing Together Natural Context/Public Placemaking and Objective Readings of Place
Meet Outside Alewife T (end of red line) at 9am
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
Assignment 2a: Natural Context due
11 Fundamentals of Line Drawings I

Context Plan
Existing Conditions Plan
Opportunities and Constraints Diagram
Concept Plan
Illustrative Design Plan
Fundamentals of Drafting by Hand
12 Walk - Cambridgeport

Observations About Public Spaces / Placemaking
Meet at 9 am
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
Assignment 2b: Open Space due
13 Fundamentals of Digital Work

Photoshop - Collage Techniques
14 Walk - Suburbs

Observations About Public Spaces/Placemaking
Meeting at 9 am
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
15 Fundamentals of Digital Work II

Converting Files to PDF
Printing Tips
16 Review Assignment Two

Open Space and Public Space/Placemaking
Assignment 2c: Public Spaces / Placemaking due

Assignment 3 handed out
Part III: Representing the City
17 Models

How to Make Study Models
18 Walk - Final Project Site

Detailed Observations of Final Project Site
Meet at 9 am
Students Take Notes and Diagrams
19 Perspective Basics

How to Lay Out a Basic Perspective Drawing
Model Photography Underlays
Site Photograph Underlays
20 Presentations - Case Studies

Group Presentations - PowerPoint or Web (15 minutes each including Q&A)
Assignment 3a: Case Studies due
21 Graphic Presentations

22 Laying Out Final Panels

Presentation of Cartoon Sets
Presentation Techniques
23 Work Day

Continue to Work on Mixed-use Presentation
Desk Crits and 'Dry-run' Presentations
24 Final Review

Review of Final Project, With Outside Critics
Assignment 3b: Mixed Use Infill Proposal due