Readings: Life & Learning

Final Report of the MIT Task Force on Student Life & Learning: "Task Force on Student Life and Learning," Profs. R. J. Hansman and R. J. Silbey, chairs - September 1998.

Williams, Rosalind H. Retooling: A Historian Confronts Technological Change. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002. Ch. 1 (pp. 1-28) and Ch. 4 (pp. 145-195).

Simha, O. Robert. MIT Campus Planning 1960-2000: An Annotated Chronology. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001, pp. 4-36, 109-141.

Roberts, Jeffrey C. "Is MIT a Good Place to Live? The University Campus as a Residential Environment." MCP Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003.

Report on the Mayor's Committee on University-Community Relationships. City of Cambridge, 9 December, 1991.

"Cambridgeport Neighborhood Study." City of Cambridge: Cambridgeport Neighborhood Committee and Cambridge Community Development Department, May, 2000.

"Cambridge Neighborhood Study - Update." City of Cambridge: Cambridge Community Development Department, March, 2003.

Supplemental Readings

2002 Urban Design Studio Briefing Book.

"Graduate Student Life Survey Summary Report." MIT Graduate Student Council, Housing and Community Affairs Committee, January, 2003.

"Graduate Student Cost of Living Report 2002-2003." MIT Graduate Student Council, Housing and Community Affairs Committee, 2003.

The MIT Faculty Newsletter Vol. XV No. 4 (February/March 2003). This is the issue containing info on faculty housing from which your readings were taken. Includes a summary of the Faculty Housing Survey.

Data Resources

MIT Financial Reports.

MIT Institutional Research Office: General information on population, research, etc.

MIT Institutional Research Office - Spreadsheets: A great site to look up all kinds of MIT survey data.

MIT Space Accounting: Any information you might need about facilities space on the MIT campus.

Cambridge Demographic, Socioeconomic, and Real Estate Market: A great resource for all types of data about the City of Cambridge.

City of Cambridge Property Database: An online querying engine for looking up property values and other information about parcels in Cambridge. Not a very reliable search engine, and some of the info is out of date, but it's handy.

Reading Summaries

Todd Kohr - MIT Planning 1960-2000 (PDF)

Ray Hodges - MIT Planning 1960-2000 (PDF)

Todd Kohr - Presidential Task Force Report on Student Life & Learning (PDF)

Ray Hodges - Presidential Task Force Report on Student Life & Learning (PDF)

Eric Orozco - Stakeholder Interests (PDF)