Part I - Framing Sustainability: Global Problems and Local Actions
1 Introduction and Overview

Review of Assignment
2 Some Prominent Ways of Framing Sustainability
3 Framing Sustainability Locally: An International Comparison
4 Framing Sustainability as Local Action: Cambridge and MIT

Guest: Rosalie Anders, Cambridge Department of Community Planning Steven Lanou, MIT Environmental Programs Office
5 Understanding and Managing Change in Organizational Settings
6 Sustainability and Innovation
Part II - Local Sustainability Initiatives: Networks, Designs, and Communities of Practice
7 Promoting Sustainability in State and Local Government


Kim Lundgren - ICELI
Ian Finlayson - Massachusetts State Sustainability Office
8 Sustainable Action at a University


Laxmi Rao - Project Manager, MIT Facilities Office
Jaclyn Emig - Longwood Green Campus Initiative Program Coordinator
9 Preliminary Presentations and In-class Critique

Guest Critic - John de Monchaux
10 Building a Story about Change
11 Working Session
12 Final Presentations