Part I - Framing Sustainability: Global Problems and Local Actions
1 Introduction and Overview

Review of Assignment
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Review the links listed in the related resources section.
4 Framing Sustainability as Local Action: Cambridge and MIT

Guest: Rosalie Anders, Cambridge Department of Community Planning Steven Lanou, MIT Environmental Programs Office
Cambridge Climate Change Protection Plan

Armstrong, Robert, and Ernest Moniz. "Report of the Energy Research Council." Cambridge, MA: MIT Energy Research Council, May 3, 2006. (PDF - 2.4 MB)
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Part II - Local Sustainability Initiatives: Networks, Designs, and Communities of Practice
7 Promoting Sustainability in State and Local Government


Kim Lundgren - ICELI
Ian Finlayson - Massachusetts State Sustainability Office
Review materials on ICELI and the Massachusetts State Sustainability Program. (See the links in the related resources section.)
8 Sustainable Action at a University


Laxmi Rao - Project Manager, MIT Facilities Office
Jaclyn Emig - Longwood Green Campus Initiative Program Coordinator


Rao, Laxmi. "Problem to Solution(s): Change Agency Competencies." In-class presentation, used with permission. (PDF)

9 Preliminary Presentations and In-class Critique

Guest Critic - John de Monchaux
10 Building a Story about Change Buy at Amazon Mishler, Elliot. Storylines: Craftartists' Narratives of Identity. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004, pp. xiii-xv, 1-20, and 165-169. ISBN: 067401586X.
11 Working Session  
12 Final Presentations