Develop a new, community-based, environmental curriculum for Sulzberger Middle School where students engage in the process of community development. Since the first Power of Place class in 1997, seventh and eighth graders have studied the natural and social history of their neighborhood, produced outstanding academic work, inspired pride in their community and visions for its future. The school's principal and teachers are very excited about the prospect of expanding this program to include MIT students via the Internet.

Course Requirements

Your work for the semester will be evaluated in four ways:

Participation in Class 20%
A Journal, to be turned in weekly via Email 30%
A Proposal for a Project 10%
The Project itself 40%


Ongoing work and final project will be posted online. A knowledge of web-authoring and geographic information systems (GIS) is not a prerequisite this year, but is highly desirable. There will be no final exam.