Site Statistics

OCW is accessed by a broadly international population of educators and learners.

MIT OpenCourseWare receives millions of visits each year. These visits come from all over the world, with over half coming from outside of North America:


Our audience is divided among students, educators, and self-learners:



MIT OpenCourseWare is being successfully used for a wide range of purposes.

Use Scenario % of Use
Educators Improve personal knowledge 31%
Learn new teaching methods 23%
Incorporate OCW materials into a course 20%
Find reference material for my students 15%
Develop curriculum for my department or school 8%
Students Enhance personal knowledge 46%
Complement a current course 34%
Plan a course of study 16%
Explore areas outside my professional field 40%
Review basic concepts in my professional field 18%
Prepare for future course of study 18%
Keep current with developments in my field 17%
Complete a work-related project or task 4%


MIT OpenCourseWare has already had significant impact and visitors expect even greater impact in the future.

  • 80% of visitors rate OCW's impact as extremely positive or positive; 91% expect that level of future impact.
  • 96% of educators say the site has/will help improve courses.
  • 96% of visitors would recommend the site.


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