Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 3 hours / session

This course will study the question of Global Architecture from the point of view of producing a set of lectures on that subject. The course will be run in the form of a writing seminar, except that students will be asked to prepare for the final class an hour-long lecture for an undergraduate survey course. During the semester, students will study the debates about where to locate "the global" and do some comparative analysis of various textbooks. The topic of the final lecture will be worked on during the semester. For that lecture, students will be asked to identify the themes of the survey course, and hand in the bibliography and reading list for their lecture. The lecture will be open to the public.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn to work through macro and micro issues about researching history from a global perspective as well as learn how to present a coherent and well-crafted lecture.

Completion Requirements

Students will be expected to research and produce a polished lecture which they will share with the class.


1 Introduction
2 Conceptualizing "the global"
3 Comparative "globality" in architectural history textbooks
4 The global and art history
5 Euro-centrism and ethno-centrism
6 Large perspective histories
7 Example lecture (the Pantheon: a comparative historiographic analysis)
8 Some global hot points
9 Some global hot points (cont.)
10 Discussion
11 Student presentations
12 Student presentations (cont.)
13 Student presentations (cont.)