Listed with the problem sets are sample solutions. In each solution, there is a summary document along with supporting files. The archive contains each assignment's problem statement, solution, and supporting files.


Problem set 1: MATLAB® (PDF)

prob3_p2.txt (TXT)

Bessel functions, equation solvers, reading and writing files


Problem 1

plot_bessel_using_besselj.m (M)

plot_bessel_using_my_bessel.m (M)

plot_bessel_using_ode.m (M)

Problem 2

problem2.m (M)

Problem 3

pset1problem3.m (M)

p2_text.txt (TXT)

p2_excel.xls (XLS)

Problem set 2: Systems of equations (PDF) Linear regression, fitting heat capacity data sets using various functional forms, solving linear systems for "Real" system problems, non-linear reactor design problem


Problem 1

HW2_prob1.m (M)

Problem 2

HW2_prob2.m (M)

calc_Pade_coeff.m (M)

calc_poly_coeff.m (M)

Cv_CO2_Pade.m (M)

Cv_CO2_poly.m (M)

Problem 3

pset2problem3.m (M)

Problem 4

HW2_prob4.m (M)

WaterGasShift.m (M)

WGS_contour.m (M)


Problem set 3: Eigenvalues, linear algebra (PDF)

shomate.m (M)

Peak temperature, finite differences, Broyden's method


Problem 1

pset3p1_main.m (M)

Problem 2

problem2a.m (M)

pset3problem2b.m (M)

pset3problem2c.m (M)

Problem set 4: Eigenvectors (PDF) Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, heat capacity calculation with 1-D Schrödinger equation


Problem 1

pset4p1_main.m (M)

Problem 2

pset4problem2b.m (M)

pset4problem2c.m (M)

problem2d.m (M)


Problem Set 5: SVD and integrals (PDF)

signalssvd.txt (TXT)

Singular value decomposition of spectrometer output


pset5problem1.m (M)


Problem set 6: ODE (PDF)

extra_functions.txt (TXT)

Explicit ODE solver vs. stiff implicit ODE solver comparison, shooting method, chemostat and thermal shock


Problem 1

pset6p1_main.m (M)

Problem 2

problem2a_usingode45.m (M)

problem2a_usingode23s.m (M)

Problem set 7: DAE, optimization (PDF) Emptying tank, CSTR optimization, equilibrium mixture of gases


Problem 1

pset7problem1.m (M)

Problem 2

p2_main.m (M)

p2_main_logV.m (M)

p2_main_fsolve.m (M)

Problem 3

p3_main.m (M)

Problem set 8: BVPs (PDF) Heat transfer in a pipe, mass transfer with immobilized enzymes, reactive absorption column


Problem 1

pset8p1_main.m (M)

p1_main_unscaled.m (M)

new_femlab_problem1.mph (MPH - 1.0 MB)

Problem 2

p2_main.nonuniform.m (M)

p2_main_unscaled.m (M)

new_femlab_problem2.mph (MPH)

Problem 3

problem3_bvp_nonuniformgrid.m (M)

solve_c_nonuniformgrid.m (M)

velocity.m (M)

reactionRate.m (M)

derivative.m (M)

doublederivative.m (M)

array_to_matrix.m (M)

prob8_1.jpg (JPG)

(ZIP - 1.3 MB)

Problem set 9: Models vs. Data (PDF)

signalssvd.txt (TXT)

Parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis of spectrometric data


fitAbsForB.m (M)

bestfitk1.m (M)

fitAbsForC.m (M)

bestfitk2_model1.m (M)

p3_model1_error_bestfit.m (M)

bestfitk2_model2.m (M)

p3_model2_error_bestfit.m (M)

p5_model2_param_est.m (M)

p2.m (M)

readS_matrix.m (M)

p5_contourplots.m (M)

Problem set 10: Monte Carlo integration (PDF) Calculating the distance between H's on HOOH


pset10p1_main.m (M)

Metropolis.m (M)

Vmorse.m (M)

V.m (M)

RHH_6.m (M)

Problem set 11: Stochastic processes (PDF) Modeling oxidation in a droplet with kinetic Monte Carlo


p1_postprocessing.m (M)

pset11p1_main.m (M)

p1_main_partc.m (M)

workspace_12-10-06_1hr.mat (MAT - 37.0 MB)

workspace_partC_30min.mat (MAT - 6.0 MB)

(ZIP - 43.0 MB)