Lecture Notes

1 Prospect Theory (PDF)
2 Prospect Theory (cont.) (PDF)
3 Heuristics and Biases (PDF)
4 Noise (PDF)
5 Confusion and Competition (PDF)
6 Bounded Rationality (PDF)
7 Learning in Games (PDF)

Neuroeconomics (PDF)
8 Neuroeconomics (cont.) (PDF)

Happiness (PDF)
9 Hyperbolic Discounting (PDF)
10 Consumption of Hyperbolics (PDF) (Courtesy of David Laibson, Andrea Repetto, and Jeremy Tobacman. Used with permission.)

Self Control and Temptation a La Gul-Pesendorfer (PDF)
11 Fairness (PDF)

Introduction to Behavioral Finance (PDF)
12 Efficiency and Habits (PDF)

Handout (PDF - 1.2 MB)
13 Prospect Theory Assets, Puzzles, and Bubbles (PDF)

Slides (Graphs) (PDF)