Lecture Notes

Prof. Josh Angrist's Lecture Notes

Comparative Statics for Immigration (PDF)

Negative Income Taxes (PDF)

Notes on Labor Demand (PDF)

MaC-metrics (PDF)

Market Structure and the Min (PDF)

Schooling, Experience, and Earnings (PDF)

The Economic Returns to Schooling (PDF)

Slutsky for Hours (Done in Minutes) (PDF)

Life Cycle Labor Supply (PDF)

On Target (PDF)

Uber vs. Taxi: A Driver's Eye View (PDF)

Prof. Daron Acemoglu's Lecture Notes

Lectures 1 and 2: Labor Market Externalities (PDF)

Lectures 3 and 4: Social Mobility, Peer Effects and Human Capital (PDF)

Lectures 5 and 6: Career Concerns and Multitasking (PDF)

Lecture 7: Efficiency Wages (PDF)

Lectures 8–10: Investments in General and Specific Skills (PDF)

Lectures 11–13: Search, Matching and Unemployment (PDF)

Additional Lectures in Search, Matching and Unemployment (PDF)