Sample Physical Origins of Wave Motion

Taut String

Elastic Rod

Blood Flow in Arteries

Problem set 1 out

Sample Physical Origins of Wave Motion (cont.)

Sound in a Pipe

Beam on an Elastic Foundation

Traffic Flow on a Freeway

Problem set 1 due

Sample Physical Origins of Wave Motion - Visit to the Nondestructive Evaluation Laboratory

Long Waves in Shallow Seas, Linearization

One Dimensional Propagation

General Solution, Branching of Arteries, Impedance

Waves in an Infinite Domain, D'Alembert's Theory

Problem set 2 out

One Dimensional Propagation


Semi-infinite Domain and Reflection

Forced Waves in an Infinite Domain

Problem set 2 due

One Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

String in an Elastic Surrounding, Dispersion

Group Velocity and Energy Transport

Transient Dispersion, Method of Stationary Phase

Problem set 3 out

One Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

Method of Stationary Phase

Scattering and Radiation of Harmonic Waves, Weak Scattering

Strong Scattering of Long Water Waves by Depth Discontinuity

Problem set 3 due

One Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

Radiation Condition, Green's Function

General Identities, Green Theorem

Reflection in a Slowly Varying Medium, WKB Approximation

Mid-term exam out

Two Dimensional Propagation

Reflection and Transmission of Plane Waves at an Interface

Angle of Incidence, Reflection Coefficient in the Complex Wave

Elastic Wave in Solid, Governing Equations

Mid-term exam due

Two Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

Free Waves in Infinite Space, Plane Elastic Waves

Reflection of Elastic Waves from a Plane Boundary

P and SV Waves

Problem set 4 out

Two Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

SH Waves

Scattering of SH Waves

The Optical Theorem on Scattering

Scattering of SH Waves by a Circular Cavity

Problem set 4 due

Two Dimensional Propagation (cont.)

Diffraction of SH Waves by a Line Crack - Parabolic Approximation

Rayleigh Surface Waves in a Half Space

Elastics Waves due to a Line Load Traveling on The Ground Surface

Supersonic, Transonic, and Subsonic

Problem set 5 out

Waves in the Sea

Linearized Equations

Progressive Waves in Sea of Constant Depth. Dispersion and Flow Field. Particle Orbit and Energy Transport

Wave Resistance of a Two Dimensional Obstacle

Problem set 5 due

Waves in the Sea (cont.)

Narrow Banded Dispersive Waves. The Schrodinger Equation for the Wave Envelope

Radiation of Surface Waves Forced by an Oscillating Line Pressure on the Surface

Kelvin Ship Waves

Final exam out

Waves in the Sea (cont.)

Internal Waves in a Stratified Fluid. Dispersion Relation

Internal Waves in an Unbounded Fluid, St. Andrew's Cross

Dispersive Waves in Random Media

Localization by Disorder

Final exam due

If time permits and if there is class interest:

Waves Through Laminated Media

Effective Equation for Thin Laminates

Effective Equation for Thick Laminates


Nonlinear Waves

Traffic Waves. Green and Red Lights

Shocks and Traffic Jam

Bores and Hydraulic Jumps

Bore from the Breaking of a Dam