1 Begin Studio: Meet Chinese Students

Organize Teams

Visit Site
Assignment 1 (Site Clues) out
2 Attend China Planning Conference

Evening School Open House
3 Opening of 20th Anniversary Beijing Studio Exhibition

4 Tour in Beijing: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven
5 Work (cont.)
6 Work (cont.)
7 Presentation and Review Assignment 1 (Site Clues) due
8 Lecture: Transit Oriented Development, Zhang Ming

Show and Tell Session 1
Assignment 2 (Preliminary Plan) out
9 Lecture: History of Beijing and Region, Wu Liangyong
10 Work (cont.)
11 Presentation and Review Assignment 2 part 1 (Design Directions) due
12 Lecture: Transport and City Design, Chris Zegras

Show and Tell Session 2
13 Lecture: Olympics Planning and Design, Huang Yan
14 Work (cont.)
15 Leave for Shanxi Province Assignment 2 part 2 (Preliminary Plan) due
16 Tour Shanxi: Yungang Grottoes, Huayan Temple, Hanging Monastery

Spend the Evening on Mount Wutai
17 Visit Wutai

Travel to Pingyao Walled City
18 Visit Pingyao

Return to Beijing in Evening
19 Show and Tell Session 3 Assignment 3 (Design Development) out
20 Lecture: Principles of Chinese Gardens, Juan Du
21 Lecture: Jan Wampler
22 Work (cont.)
23 Presentation and Review Assignment 3 (Design Development) due
24 Visit Great Wall
25 Final Presentation Assignment 4 (Final Presentation) out
26 Preparation for Final
27 Preparation for Final (cont.)
28 Preparation for Final (cont.)
29 Presentation and Review Assignment 4 (Final Presentation) due