Advanced Macroeconomics II

A line chart of Percent of Total Revenues versus Budget Years.

U.S. Congressional Budget Office's Past Inaccuracies in Projecting the Primary Surplus, Compared with the Constructed 90 Percent Confidence Range. Note: Each thin line represents the actual inaccuracies of the set of projections made in a given year. The thick lines represent the 90 percent confidence range constructed from CBO's statistical model for inaccuracies. That range encompasses nearly all of CBO's past record. (Image courtesy of the Congressional Budget Office.)


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Course Description

14.462 is the second semester of the second-year Ph.D. macroeconomics sequence.

The course is intended to introduce the students, not only to particular areas of current research, but also to some very useful analytical tools. It covers a selection of topics that varies from year to year. Recent topics include:

  • Growth and Fluctuations
  • Heterogeneity and Incomplete Markets
  • Optimal Fiscal Policy
  • Time Inconsistency
  • Reputation
  • Coordination Games and Macroeconomic Complementarities
  • Information

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