Technologies for Creative Learning

Photo showing hands playing four foil “drums” wired to a computer, with the Scratch cat character animated on screen.

For one of the class assignments, two students built a Scratch-based drumset using foil-wrapped paper plates, conductive metal chopsticks, and a Scratch sensor PicoBoard. (Courtesy of anonymous MIT students. Used with permission.)


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MAS.714J / STS.445J

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Fall 2009



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Course Description

This course explores the design of innovative educational technologies and creative learning environments, drawing on specific case studies such as the LEGO® Programmable Brick, Scratch software and Computer Clubhouse after-school learning centers. Includes activities with new educational technologies, reflections on learning experiences, and discussion of strategies and principles underlying the design of new tools and activities.

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Mitchel Resnick, and Karen Brennan. MAS.714J Technologies for Creative Learning. Fall 2009. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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